Michelle Catalfamo

About Me

catalfamoMy name is Michelle Catalfamo. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Motion Picture Science with a minor in Website Design and Development from Rochester Institute of Technology. I am interested in theater, video editing, special effects, photography,  design, and scrapbooking.

Currently, I am a Prepress Technician for Altitude Color Technologies in Las Vegas, NV where I set up files for print and design a few projects.

Previously, I worked for Aldelo, a Point of Sale company in Pleasanton, CA. I was the Marketing Associate and handled the video projects, and graphic designs for the company, as well as helped plan the next Dealer Conference, and built Micro Websites for the POS Products.

All throughout high school, I was on my school’s Tech Crew. We controlled every aspect of the auditorium, including the lights, sound, backstage and video. I was the Assistant Backstage Manager for a total of three musicals and three talent shows. Tech Crew is where I found my love for theater and the “backstage” aspect of everything. It made me realize that I want to know everything there is to know about being “behind the scenes,” which led me to the Motion Picture Science program at RIT. I wanted to make movies, but I also wanted to know some of the imaging science behind it.

In spring of 2013, I was the Assistant Backstage Manager for the production of Uncle Vanya on campus at RIT. Although it was a completely different experience from what I had in high school, I was very happy to be helping out with a show.

In winter 2013/spring 2014, I stage managed my first show, The Marriage of Bette and Boo for the College of Liberal Arts at RIT. The last show I stage managed was How I Learned to Drive, in winter 2015/spring 2015. Both of these shows were in the Panara Theater on campus at RIT, which means the productions incorporated hearing and deaf students, and it made them unique.

During summer 2014, I was an Post Production Assistant intern at IMAX in Santa Monica, CA. It was such an amazing experience.  I’ve gotten to know a lot about the workflow of the post-production department, as well as work with the trailer department to QC and ship IMAX trailers. It was awesome to see how a big corporation works together to get everything finished on time. Spending the summer in California was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I have created this website to put together all of my work from college and high school. I’m looking to learn much, much more than I already know. Especially theater and more about post-production, but I always love doing some work in Photoshop too. Just in case you are curious, here is a link to an opener video from our Tech Crew’s Talent Show from my freshman year of high school.

2009 Talent Show