Michelle Catalfamo


(2016) Dance Mural


(2016) Insurance Agency Banner



(2016) Baby Shower Banners

30176_31_5x96_15oz_small            30176_60x36_softknit_small

(2016) Banner for a Graduation Party



(2016) Banner for a Graduation Party




(2016) Banners for a Birthday Party

IMAGE4_small            IMAGE2_small


(2016) Realtor Sign for Justin Frawley.

Justin For Sale Sign


(2016) Poster Designs for Robert Johnson’s movie, Live By the Sword.

Poster2    Poster1


(2015 – 2016) Designs for Aldelo, a POS software company located in Pleasanton, CA.

Dealer Conference Documents

Dealer Conference Cover 2015     02_Exhibit Room-2015


Informational PDFs

MM - Clouds - Sales.compressedAPM and Clouds PDF - Sales.compressed


MM - EDC and EMVTouch and APM MM


Banner for Facebook / Website

Website BannerXERA_XERAMicrosite_Banner


App Design

login screen      menu screen - drinks

menu screen - food      recall screen


Company Christmas Party Invitation

Invitation_front     invitation-back

Emma Kye Cosplay (2015)

I edited photos for Emma Kye Cosplay of her and her Frostfire Annie costume.




Spring 2014, I took a class called Digital Image Creation. We are learned how to manipulate images in Photoshop to use on websites.


In high school I took four classes that involved Photoshop. I took Computer Graphics 1 and 2, as well as Ad Design and Photography. I learned the basics of how to use filters and edit photos, and I learned how to create vectors with the pen tool. Below are various projects I worked on throughout those three years.

Fun with Filters

project2 - 8.5x11

project4 8.5x11

Logo Designs

CIR 3 Michelle Catalfamo CIR 4 Michelle Catalfamo COMBO 1 Michelle Catalfamo COMBO 3 Michelle Catafamo REC 5 Michelle Catalfamo REC 4 Michelle Catalfamo REC 1 Michelle Catalfamo COMBO 4 Michelle Catalfamo

Vector Project

Text Collages

TYPE COLLAGE 12 Michelle Catalfamo

TYPE COLLAGE 2 inverted Michelle Catalfamo

Art Recreation

 Mcatalfamo_art reproduction

Poster Designs

catalfamo_kaleidoscope_poster   Catalfamo_state fair poster

catalfamo_christmas tree lighting poster   Catalfamo_talent show poster

Catalfamo_crazy for you poster copy copy