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Aldelo Touch Intro


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Advanced Editing – A course (Spring 2015), where I learned how to use Avid Media Composer and practiced my editing skills.

Experimental Video

My first project was a simple fiction scene from Monk.

Music Video

Castles Opening Scene

Rapid Online Presence  (ROP)  – A course I took as an independent study fall semester (2014), senior year. It furthered my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Wiki, and PHP.

Web Foundations – A course I took fall semester (2013) junior year where I learned the basics of HTML, CSS and a small amount of JavaScript.


This is one of my projects from ROP, using wiki. people.rit.edu/mac5492/rop/s3/


Another project using wiki. people.rit.edu/mac5492/rop/wiki/


Digital Effects and Compositing – A course I took spring semester (2014), junior year. I learned the basics of NUKE compositing software.

This was my final green screen project.

This was a simple green screen project that was completed in one class period.

My first composite using green screen techniques.


Digital Video Creation – A course I took spring semester (2014), junior year, to fulfill my minor, and is reenforcing some of the material I learned freshmen year for my major. I used Adobe After Effects and Premiere, and iStopMotion. I created a 5 minute video for this course.

When the Clock Stops, is about a girl who is suffering from brain cancer, records her last words.


A simple stop motion video using iStopMotion.


Sound Recording – A course I took spring quarter (2013) sophomore year. I learned how to use Avid Pro Tools to edit sound effects and voice recordings that we recorded using a 702 stereo microphone unit, for one final project.

Sound Final Project (2013)

For this project, we worked in a group of two and we had to choose a picture that we wanted to make up a story for a create only through sound effects and voice recordings. (It includes 10s of black, 40s of tone, and 10s of black and then the project.)


Introduction to Animation – A course that I took fall quarter (2012) sophomore year. I learned how to use Dragonframe to create each animation. It was an enjoyable introductory course on the techniques used to make animations that aren’t digital.

Puppet Lipsync (2012)

The project entailed cutting out a character and animating it to look like it’s saying a line of dialogue.


Shapes to Music (2012)

We were given a piece of music and told to pick a shape to animate to it.


Cutout (2012)

We had to create a character and animate it, making it move in different directions (turning, bending backwards, etc.)


Sand (2012)

We had to animate sand, using backlight, toplight etc.


Scratch (2012)

We took 16 mm film and scratched the black layer off and colored it with marker, to create a pattern synced to music.


Snowman (2012)

We had to hand draw a snowman bouncing and getting his head knocked off by a snowball.


Digital Production – A course that I took winter quarter (2011-2012) freshman year. It was an introductory course for digital filming and editing, using Final Cut Pro.

Found Footage (2012)

We had to take footage from anywhere we could and make a story out of it. I came up with the idea of using the metaphor of a growing/dying flower to illustrate the ups and downs of going to college.


Five Shot Film (2012)

We had to make a film in only five shots.


Gunsmoke (2011)

We were given clips of the television show Gunsmoke to edit together, and we had to add sound effects.


Video Production – A course that I took 2010-2011, all throughout my senior year in high school. It was also an introductory course for digital filming and editing and introduced me to Final Cut Pro.

Video Production – Final Project (2011)

We were given a project that required us to split the screen into four squares. We had to make the actions in each of the squares connect.


Video Illustration (2011)

We chose a poem and had to use artistic shots to illustrate it.


Silent Film (2010)

We had to make a film based on gestures, without dialogue. It’s an “old fashion” silent film!